Whiskey Cabinet


Photography by Daphne & Art Carlyle

Whiskey Cabinet

This cabinet was designed to hold a collection of Scotch whiskey. The cabinet holds up to 8 bottles of Scotch and 4 glasses. The stand and the body of the cabinet are made from Black Walnut, and the door panels, back panels and interior shelf are made from Spalted Maple from the OneTree Project tree. The door pulls were made from a small Maple Burl which I had kicking around the shop.

I made this piece for the OneTree Project show which was held at the Robert Bateman Centre in Victoria BC in 2015. This show featured the work of 41 artisans who all created furniture, instruments, sculptures, turnings, etc., from the wood of an enormous Maple tree which was harvested on Vancouver Island.

The OneTree Project and my Whiskey Cabinet were also featured in an article written by Rob Brown in Canadian Woodworking Magazine.


Black Walnut, Spalted Maple and Maple Burl.


18 1/2″ wide x 12 1/2″ deep x 55″ high


Osmo Polyx®-Oil


This piece resides in our home on Vancouver Island.