Tanya’s Whiskey Cabinet

I made this cabinet as a wedding present for my niece Tanya and her husband Paddy when they got married in 2018.

It is similar in design to the whiskey cabinet that I made for the OneTree 2015 show, except that this cabinet has a wine rack built into the stand.

This cabinet is constructed from a variety of wood types. The body of the cabinet and the door frames are Swiss Pear. The panels in the front doors are Spalted Maple. The panels in the back of the cabinet are old-growth Douglas Fir. The stand and the wine rack are Black Walnut. Sounds like a lot of types of wood, but they complement each other quite nicely in this piece.

The cabinet is big enough to hold about 8 bottles of whiskey and 4 glasses. There is room for 20 bottles of wine in the wine rack below.

The cabinet is 19″ wide, 13″ deep and 55″ high.

The cabinet now resides at Tanya and Paddy’s home in London, Ontario.