Adam and Bailey’s Liquor Cabinet

I made this cabinet for my son, Adam, and his wife, Bailey, when they got married in 2018.

The cabinet is constructed from a single slab of Claro Walnut that I purchased from the Gilmer Wood Company in Portland, Oregon 10 years before. The grain and the swirls of different colours in this plank of Claro Walnut were spectacular, and I had been saving it for something special. The base of the cabinet is Black Cherry which will darken as it ages and become an even better match to the Walnut.

This cabinet feature some of my “standard” design details:

  1. raised lip on the top back edge;
  2. custom door and drawer pulls carved from a scrap of Walnut; and
  3. cabinet that “floats” above the stand.

The cabinet is 35″ wide, 15″ deep and 40″ high.