Ladder Back Side Chair

I took a course with Brian Boggs at Rosewood Studio in 2006 and made this chair during the course. The chair is similar to chairs that Brian makes and sells from his own studio. The back legs and back slats were steam bent. All shaping of the parts was done using a drawknife and a spokeshave. The stretchers between the legs were turned on a lathe. All the parts were glued together using hide glue, in the traditional style used by craftsmen many years ago. The seat was woven using long strips of hickory bark, which when fresh and wet has the consistency of leather. The hickory bark shrinks a bit when it dries, tightening up the seat and making the chair extremely strong. A nice chair, very comfortable to sit in, and quite attractive to look at.

Hand-rubbed oil finish.

Maple frame and Hickory Bark seat.