Donna’s Cabinet

Donna's Cabinet
Photography by Ingeborg Suzanne

This cabinet was my first major project while I was a student at Inside Passage School of Fine Cabinetmaking. I made it for Donna, who is a good friend of ours.

The cabinet is constructed from Black Walnut, with the panels in the two doors from Applewood and the back panels and drawer sides from Arbutus.

The fronts of the two drawers inside were made from a small piece of Spalted Elm that Robert Van Norman, the head instructor at the school, gave me.


Black Walnut, Apple, Spalted Elm and Arbutus.


20″ wide x 20″ high x 7″ deep.


Linseed oil, shellac and Clapham’s beeswax.


This piece resides in Donna’s home in Bomanville, Ontario.