DVD Book Shelves

We spend most of the summer up at our cottage, and while we’re there, we like to watch movies on our DVD player. I got tired of packing and unpacking cardboard boxes full of DVD’s, so I designed a modular bookshelf that can either hold DVD’s (about 70 of them), or paperback books. The shelves hang on the wall using a french cleat, which is hidden from view when the shelves are hanging from it. The great thing about this design for our application is that we can simply take the DVD shelves off the wall, put them in the car to drive to the cottage, and then re-hang them on the wall at the cottage when we get there.

We don’t have to pack and unpack the DVD’s into boxes, and they all stay in order! Plus they look pretty nice when you have a group of the shelves arranged on the wall. The pictures here show a group of 4 shelves in our living room with our DVD collection, and also a group of 3 shelves in a bedroom full of paperback books.

Baltic Birch Plywood.

24″ wide by 18 1/4″ high by 7″ deep.