Big Green Egg Stand

We barbecue a lot using a Big Green Egg charcoal BBQ. This stand provides a nice work surface for cooking outdoors. It is constructed using a tropical hardwood called Ipe, which is very durable and well suited for outdoor applications. Like any good piece of furniture, all of the joints are either mortise and tenon or lap joints for maximum strength. Since it is outside 12 months a year and exposed to rain and snow, I used epoxy instead of white glue, so the joinery should be good for a lifetime of use. I finished the stand with Linseed oil, and since it is exposed to sunlight all day long and the color is prone to fading, I renew the finish once a year. To protect the stand and to prevent fires, the Green Egg sits on a metal stand on top of a concrete patio stone. This allows plenty of airflow around the hot surface of the Green Egg and keeps the wood underneath cool.