Polygon Cabinet

Photography by Daphne & Art Carlyle

I made this cabinet for the OneTree 2019 show which was held at the Robert Bateman Centre in Victoria, BC in 2019. This cabinet is constructed using shop-sawn veneers cut from a plank from a huge, 10-foot diameter Big Leaf Maple tree which was harvested in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. The parquetry pattern on the front of the cabinet is done using Type 13 Pentagons. This was my first attempt at doing this type of parquetry, and I’m very pleased with the way that it turned out!

This cabinet features some of my “standard” design details:

  1. raised lip on the top back edge;
  2. custom door pulls carved from a burl; and
  3. cabinet that “floats” above the stand. 


The cabinet is constructed from Big Leaf Maple, and the stand is constructed from Black Cherry.


35″ wide x 16″ deep x 39 1/2″ high.


Osmo Polyx®-Oil.


This cabinet was purchased by a customer on the first day of the OneTree 2019 show and now resides in her home on Vancouver Island.