Round Glass Coffee Table

Glass Coffee Table
Round Glass Coffee Table

I designed and built two of these coffee tables while I was a student at Inside Passage School of Fine Cabinetmaking. The first table was made from Ash and the second table was made from Bubinga. I’ve since made two more copies of this table, one in Black Cherry and one in Black Walnut.

The legs and stretchers in this table are made using bent laminations. The legs are formed using 10 tapered laminations, each tapering from 3.7 mm at one end to 2.5 mm at the other end, for a total thickness of 37 mm at the bottom of the leg and 25 mm at the top of the leg. The stretchers are formed using 6 laminations, each being 3 mm thick, for a total thickness of 18 mm.

This joinery in this table was featured in an article I wrote called Tricky Tenons, which was published in the June/July 2011 issue of Canadian Woodworking Magazine.


Various copies in Ash, Bubinga, Black Cherry and Black Walnut.


40″ diameter x 17″ high.


“Triple-Mix” wipe-on finish, which is composed of equal parts Tung Oil, Waterlox and Paint Thinner.


The Ash table resides in our home on Vancouver Island, the Bubinga table resides at a client’s home on the Sunshine Coast, the Cherry table resides at our cottage in Muskoka and the Black Walnut table resides in my son’s home in Kamloops, BC.